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Category: Mortgages for doctors

Property investing for doctors – by doctors.

Achieving financial freedom is a way to reduce stress and revive your passion for your vocation. Learn about financial freedom and how you can get out of the pit and start truly earning.

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Lenders Are Adjusting Their Mortgage Affordability Assessments

It’s important you know exactly what size mortgage you can afford before you jump head-first into a property search. Arm yourself with as much knowledge about the mortgage market before going in so you can hit the ground running. With affordability assessment criteria lowering, now is the time to act. Affordability assessment refresher Lenders determine […]

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Mortgages for doctors – 8 tips including for locum doctors, self employed doctors, GP and other medical professionals.

Mortgages for doctors. Sometimes it’s tricky to get a mortgage for doctors, especially if you are a locum doctor or self employed doctor. What can you do to improve your credit score and clean up your outgoings? How many years accounts do you need? How much deposit do you need? We asked specialist medical mortgage […]

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Mortgages for doctors – benefits of a broker

Real Benefits of Working with a Specialist Medical Mortgage Broker The mortgage market is extremely competitive. It can be hard to unravel mortgage jargon to understand exactly what certain offers mean. There are a great deal of different providers and an extensive range of products and rates available. General advice given to property buyers is […]

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Mortgages for doctors – should you get a marathon mortgage

If you’re preparing to take out a mortgage, there are plenty of things to consider. Among them is how long you’ll pay back the loan for. As property prices have increased, it should come as no surprise that mortgages are getting longer. More homebuyers are choosing to take out ‘marathon mortgages’ over a 40-year term. […]

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