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Check your tax code and claim a tax rebate online

A Personal Tax Account allows you to claim a doctors tax rebate for expenses such as exam fees, GMC BMA MDU MPS fees. You can also check your doctors tax code is correct. Claiming tax relief on these expenses can reduce the costs of training by up to 40%. Here we guide you how to set up […]

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How much do GPs earn and should I join a partnership?

Should I join a GP partnership? Is a partnership high earning? Why are brackets on a balance sheet potentially bad news? Here Liz Densley FCA CTA from Honey Barrett specialist medical accountants and Dr Ed Cantelo ACA CTA from Medics’ Money take you through some things to consider if thinking about joining a GP partnership. This article gives […]

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Doctors pay slip – a guide to understanding your payslip

We frequently get requests for help regarding understanding the mysteries of Doctors’ payslips. Some doctors struggle to work out how much they earn. While there is significant variation between the payslips that doctors receive, the below should hopefully give some basic understanding of what is shown on your payslip. The example given gives a payslip […]

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Tax relief for doctors – how to set up HMRC Personal Tax Account

Personal tax account guide for doctors   by Dr Ed Cantelo GP Trainee, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor   A Personal Tax Account allows doctors to claim tax relief for expenses such as your GMC, BMA, MDU and MPS fees, as well as any exam expenses as a trainee, and check your doctor’s tax […]

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HMRC Personal Tax Account – step by step guide for doctors


This step by step guide to setting up a HMRC Personal Tax Account which will allow doctors to claim a tax rebate on expenses such as GMC BMA MDU MPS and exam fees. Here we show you how to set up your Personal Tax Account with HMRC. Once setup you can download our step by […]

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