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Income protection for doctors
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The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has recently announced major changes to pension legislation that will have a significant impact on members...
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This week, the team behind Doctors Vote are talking to Tommy about the ongoing pay-cuts and NHS workers are suffering...
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Achieving financial freedom is a way to reduce stress and revive your passion for your vocation. Learn about financial freedom and how you can get out of the pit and start truly earning.
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In this blog we go into the basics of National Insurance to give everyone an understanding of what it is and how it is calculated before discussing circumstances in which you might be overpaying your contributions and what to do about it if you are
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Independent financial advisers for doctors (IFA) – how do I find a good IFA? Choosing an Independent Financial Adviser that...
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Tommy and Ed were lucky enough to be invited onto the Century Plan Podcast recently with Sarah Steele and Dennis...