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Our guide gives you guidance on what you can claim but in general a doctor on a training contract can usually claim GMC, BMA, Royal college, indemnity and examination expenses including in some circumstances travel to and from the exam and accommodation expenses. We’re often asked if there’s a definitive list – there isn’t as such, but HMRC does have a list of professional bodies approved for tax relief which is accessible here HMRC List 3.

However List 3 isn’t very intuitive to search. For example the GMC appears in the M section as “Medical Council General”. Similarly, the BMA appears in the M section as “Medical Association British”. This makes it tricky to use, but our free guides give you speciality specific guidance on what you can claim to make things easier.

It’s important to realise that what you can claim depends on your employment status and if you are self employed or working via a Limited company we would STRONGLY advise you to use an accountant.