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Medics’ Money started because we wanted to help our friends and colleagues make better financial decisions and that ethos is the driving force behind Medics’ Money today. Our website and podcast are free for doctors to use. If advisers pass our rigorous verification process, which is outlined here https://www.medicsmoney.co.uk/medics-money-approved/, we charge them a small fixed fee to appear on our site and for receiving enquiries. 

Ed and Tommy both work as Doctors in the NHS and continually re-invest to improve the range of services we offer to doctors, including free webinars, free podcasts and free financial guides. We have never received any external funding, which means we are free to pick and choose the advisers that appear on Medics’ Money based on merit and not dictated by any outside interests. We are unashamedly selective with who we recommend.

We believe in absolute transparency and publish our company accounts online here  https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09062977

Occasionally we may use affiliate links to recommend products that we use ourselves but also pay us a small fee, but we always make that very clear to you for example here https://www.medicsmoney.co.uk/recommended-reading-for-doctors/