Two part NHS Pensions podcast special.

This week we will be discussing how two recent legal cases (McCloud and Sargeant) bought by Fire-fighters and Judges, affects the NHS pension.

If you haven’t listened to last weeks episode on the basics of the NHS Pension scheme definitely listen to that first, unless you’re already an expert.

We asked Specialist Medical IFA Rachael Hall to tell us why two recent legal cases has wide ranging ramifications to the NHS Pension scheme.

We talk about the pros and cos of Immediate choice exercise V the Defined choice underpin. We talk about the many issues including the implications for those that made contingent decisions, such as opting out of the scheme. We also discuss the problems with ill health retirement, ERRBO and those who have already retired.

We answer some listeners questions such as

“Is the 1995 scheme better than the 2008/2015 scheme?”

“In what circumstances would someone choose to go back to 1995 scheme?”

“What about contingent decisions like the Hokey Cokey or opting out to reduce tax liabilities”

“Would Rachael rather have her private pension or her partner(Doctors) NHS Pension” Spoiler alert – despite the complexities and issues, Rachael would LOVE to have an NHS Pension.

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