doctors tax rebate

Junior doctors can claim tax back on GMC, BMA, MDU, MPS Royal college and examination expenses amongst other professional expenses, reducing the cost by up to 40%. Our free step by step guide allows most doctors to claim themselves, online for free.

What can junior doctors claim tax rebates on?

The most important point is that what you can claim depends on your employment status. The information in this article is for junior doctors on a training contract or recently qualified GP or Consultants. If you have been a Consultant, GP, Salaried GP, GP locum or locum doctor for a while the rules on what can be claimed are different and we would strongly advise using a specialist medical accountant.

Is there a list of what can be claimed?

We’re often asked if there’s a definitive list of what doctors can claim tax rebates on. There isn’t as such, but HMRC does have a list of professional bodies approved for tax relief which is accessible here HMRC List 3.

However List 3 isn’t very intuitive to search. For example the GMC appears in the M section as “Medical Council General”. Similarly, the BMA appears in the M section as “Medical Association British”. This makes it tricky to use, but our free guides give you speciality specific guidance on what you can claim to make things easier.

It’s important to realise that what you can claim depends on your employment status and if you are Self-employed or working via a Limited company we would STRONGLY advise you to use an accountant.

How many years can I claim for?

HMRC impose strict time limits for claiming back tax – 4 tax years. We would always recommend claiming as soon as possible.

Expenses incurred in tax yearClaim by
Tax year 2014/15 (6/4/14 – 5/4/15)5/4/19
Tax year 2015/16 (6/4/15 – 5/4/16)5/4/20
Tax year 2016/17 (6/4/16 – 5/4/17)5/4/21
Tax year 2017/18 (6/4/17 – 5/4/18)5/4/22

Do I need receipts?

Not to make your claim, but in the event of any queries by HMRC you need to be able to produce receipts. However most of this information can easily be obtained. For example if you log on to your GMC account. Then click “My Account” and “Payment History” all your GMC fees receipts are there. Download our step by step guide to reclaiming tax here which shows you how to find receipts easily.

What cannot be claimed?

There are some expenses that you may have incurred which you cannot usually claim for. These include, among other things, the following:

– Fees incurred for continuing professional development such as courses; if you have a trainee contract which specifically states you are required to complete specific training this may be allowable. If you are unsure and have spent a significant amount it would be worth getting advice from a specialist medical accountant.

– Fees which your employer has paid for you, for example through your study budget

– Fees for revision courses for exams or any expenses in connection with studying

– Fees for any diplomas taken that are not a requirement of you completing training. Examples would include botox training etc

If you have a significant amount of expenses that you’re not sure you can claim, we would recommend using a Medics’ Money accountant to maximise the amount you claim.

Is it worth claiming?


Get an instant estimate of how much you could save using our free rebate calculator.