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Optimising Income from Personally Administered Items in Medical Practices

In the realm of UK medical practices, the potential to enhance income from Personally Administered Items (PAIs) often goes unnoticed. Many practices find themselves entangled in the complexities of purchasing, managing, and claiming these items. Through this article, Medics Money, in collaboration with Nichols & Co Medical Accountants, seeks to simplify PAIs and provide actionable strategies to bolster your practice’s revenue.

Understanding Personally Administered Items

PAIs refer to the drugs and devices used within medical practices that can be claimed from Prescription Services. This encompasses commonly used drugs like vaccines and anaesthetics, as well as specific items such as IUDs.

Strategies to Elevate Your Income

  1. Identify Claimable Items: Begin by acquainting yourself with items that are categorised as personally administered. This encompasses vaccines, anaesthetics, and IUDs.
  2. Streamline Your Claims: Ensure that your clinicians are well-informed about claimable items, consistently issue prescriptions, and meticulously complete FP34D forms.
  3. Implement Regular Audits: Periodic audits can help discern patient medication requirements and refine your purchasing approach, ensuring no claimable item is missed.
  4. Enhance Purchasing Tactics: Your profit margins can be influenced by your purchasing methods. Consider options like bulk buying, collaborating with federations, or comparing prices among various wholesalers.
  5. Collaborate with Experts: Engaging with specialist medical accountants, like Nichols & Co, can offer profound insights into your PAI revenue, identifying areas of improvement.
  6. Stay Informed: The medical claims environment is dynamic. Ensure you’re updated with the latest trends and guidelines.

Deep Dive: Expert Tax Insights for Medical Professionals

For an in-depth understanding, we invite you to listen to our Medics Money Podcast episode featuring Steve Nichols from Nichols & Co. Steve discusses the importance of PAIs, common oversights, and the potential for claims, including retrospective ones.

In Conclusion

Maximising PAI income necessitates a blend of knowledge, strategic planning, and consistent diligence. By adopting the above strategies and staying informed, you can substantially boost your financial prospects.

Medics Money is proud to collaborate with Nichols & Co, a renowned medical accounting firm based in London. Recognised and verified by us, they have assisted numerous medical professionals in navigating the intricacies of PAIs. Should you require expert guidance on Personally Administered Items, we recommend reaching out to them.

Nichols Medical Accountants | [email protected] | nicholsmedical.co.uk



  • What are personally administered items? PAIs are drugs and devices that medical practices procure for patients, such as vaccines and IUDs.
  • What can be claimed on PPA? Medical practices can claim a range of items, from vaccines to diagnostic reagents.
  • How much does a pharmacy get paid for dispensing a prescription? The dispensing fee is contingent on several factors, with NHS guidelines offering specific details.
  • What is PPA in general practice? PPA processes NHS prescriptions, ensuring that practices are duly reimbursed for the medicines they provide.

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