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What’s the best investment you can make?

  • Property? 🏡
  • Bitcoin?📉
  • Gold⚱️

You may be surprised to hear it’s none of the above.

The chances are it’s your NHS Pension.

It will pay you an inflation proof income for life, once you’ve served your time in NHS custody of course 🚓. 

But you need to check the vital signs of your NHS Pension every year. Without these checks your pension record may not be accurate and you could be missing out on your pension or face unexpected tax charges.

Don’t panic we’ve made a step-by-step guide to what you need to do and how to get it including template letters.

Download our NHS pension guide here

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Not sure what a Total Rewards Statement is or how you request an Annual Allowance Pay and service extract? Like the ITU reg at a trauma call , our guide has you covered. Worried you might have a tax bill due to the Annual Allowance due to punitive pensions taxation? Yep, our guides got you covered.

Medics’ Money is run by Dr Perkins and Dr Ed Cantelo, who is not only a GP, but also a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser.

You check your patients vital signs, now its time to look after you and your future and perform the basics checks on your NHS Pensions vital signs.

As GPs we feel you’re PCSE(Capita) related pain. Our guide contains everything you need to know and do deal with PCSE including details of how to claim compensation.

The guide tells you how and why you might need to:

  • Request A Total Rewards statement.
  • Complete a death benefits nomination and depending on your circumstances considering a membership statement request, an Annual Allowance Service and Pay extract and an Pensions savings statement.