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We teach doctors like you to make better financial decisions. Without working harder.

The Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course will teach you everything you need to know, and do to get the financial future you deserve without working harder.
Our course condenses years of financial expertise into an easy to follow framework that will set you up for financial success.

Cohort 1 has now SOLD OUT. Hit apply now to join the waiting list for the next course starting Autumn 2024.

Do you want to?

Stop worrying about money and learn how to take control of your finances?

Be confident you are paying the right amount of tax?

Learn how to make more money, WITHOUT doing any more work?

Avoid making financial mistakes that could be costing you £thousands?


We’re Dr Ed Cantelo, a Dr and a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax adviser 🤯and Dr Tommy Perkins, a GP. 

We left medical school with massive debts and coming from humble backgrounds we struggled with our finances.

We spent hours and thousands of pounds, becoming expert at managing our own money. Optimising our tax, learning how to invest to grow our money and securing our financial future, without working harder as doctors.

Sorting our own finances gave us the financial freedom to choose to work fewer hours as doctors, so in 2014 we started Medics’ Money to help our doctor colleagues sort out their finances as well.

Medics’ Money grew fast until we had:

downloads of our podcast
1 m
email subscribers
website visitors
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Doctors helped

But there was a problem...

Doctors didn’t have time to listen to >180 hours of Medics’ Money podcasts, or read the >1,000 blogs on our website or hundreds of emails.

Doctors wanted to ask experts questions but they didn’t want, or need, to pay for full financial advice.

Doctors wanted to manage their own investments, saving thousands in fees, but didn’t know how.

Doctors wanted a clear plan to follow to get the financial future they deserve.

So using our expertise we developed the Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course. 

Spread over 12 weeks, we’ll teach you everything you need to know and do to get the financial future you deserve, without working harder.

Investment advice for doctors

"You've spent years and £thousands of pounds training to look after your patients. Now's the time to look after you and your financial future"

What will you get

Flexible learning that fits in with your life. Watch live in our private online community or catch the replays at a time that suits you.

Access to our private community of financial experts and other doctors on course to transform their financial future.

Time saving checklists and spreadsheets

Financial Wellbeing Course FAQs

The course costs £750 inclusive of VAT. Here’s some smart ways to pay.

Smart way to pay #1

Use your study budget. 

The FAQ below “Can I use my study leave budget” covers this. If you apply now we’ll send you a template letter to support your application.

Smart way to pay #2

If you are self employed or have a limited company the course may be tax deductible, as the content includes advice relevant to your business. This could reduce the cost of the course by up to 62% to just £285. We’ll explain how this works during the course.

Smart way to pay #3

The techniques taught in our course can increase your wealth by thousands of pounds – for just £750. Thats a very smart investment in your financial future.

You’ve spent £thousands perfecting your clinical skills. Now it’s time to perfect your financial skills to set you up for a prosperous career.

Poor financial wellbeing costs the NHS millions – why YOUR NHS study leave budget should fund the Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course.

The cost of living crisis and years of real terms pay erosion mean financial worries are common across all groups of NHS staff. Financial worries are associated with a myriad of negative outcomes and research shows that those with financial worries are less productive at work, take more sick days, have higher rates of depression and anxiety and are much more likely to leave their current employer. This is bad news for the NHS, that already faces a recruitment and retention crisis.

The financial cost to the NHS is huge. Research commissioned by NHS England estimates this to be around £2 million per 5,000 staff which equates to £500 million annually across the whole workforce. NHS employers acknowledge this financial stress doesn’t just affect those on a low wage.

The NHS Long Term plan specifically mentions “measuring staff health and wellbeing” to improve staff morale and retention and 95% of trust leaders surveyed were “extremely concerned” about staff financial wellbeing. The NHS recommends all organisations to include financial wellbeing support as part of delivering the NHS Long Term plan.

A sponsored hour long presentation by a commissioned salesperson is unlikely to improve your financial wellbeing. 

The Medics Money Financial Wellbeing course is structured, independent financial well-being education that will help you to:

Understand the tax they pay and how to utilise legitimate tax deductions that can save NHS staff up to 60%

Understand the valuable benefits the NHS pension provides as part of your overall NHS renumeration package.

Learn how to build wealth for the long term.

So if you have any trouble in getting study budget funding for the Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course, ask your NHS employer what their Financial Wellbeing plan is as recommended by NHS Employers https://www.nhsemployers.org/articles/financial-education-and-wellbeing


Cohort 1 of the Financial Wellbeing course is now sold out. For those on the course, the dates are below. Next cohort coming Autumn 2024.

Session 1 – Wednesday 22 May 2024 7.30pm

Session 2 – Tuesday 4 June 2024 7.30pm

Session 3 – Wednesday 19 June 2024 7.30pm

Session 4 – Wednesday 26 June 2024 7.30pm

Session 5 – Wednesday 10 July 2024 7.30pm

Session 6 – Wednesday 17 July 2024 7.30pm

Session 7 – Wednesday 24 July 2024 7.30pm

Session 8 – Wednesday 28 August 2024 7.30pm

As doctors ourselves we know how busy you are.

Which is why we designed our course with replays to be available 24/7 at times that suit you via our app.  

We do host regular, optional, bonus live Q+A sessions, usually on a weekday evening after work.

You can also ask questions 24/7 in our private online community. 

Places are limited and are filling up fast. If you are interested press the ‘Apply Now’ button below and we will get back to you.

The course will be online in our interactive community. The core course sessions are available to watch at your own pace anytime via our app. There will be bonus  live teaching sessions. The online community will allow you to interact with us and other participants, ask questions of the experts and access additional material whenever is convenient for you.

Our faculty includes Specialist Medical Accountants, Specialist Medical Financial advisers, Property experts and doctors.  Medics’ Money is unique in that we have all the best advisers available, so you get the very best information from leaders in their fields.

Not sure if the course is right for you?

Hesitant to commit the time and money to finally get your finances sorted? 

We want our course to change your life, but if you don’t like it you can get a refund (minus 2% transaction fees) for up to 30 days after you buy it.

🏃‍♀️ Running a marathon? You need a training plan!
🎓 Studying for an exam? You need a revision plan!
🤑Want to get wealthy? You need a Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing Plan!

The Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course will teach you to:

  • Run your personal finances like a profitable business
  • Automate your savings – no complex budgets needed just our Medics’ Money Wealth Planner.
  • Invest your money to earn while you sleep
  • Minimise your biggest expense – Tax
  • Maximise the value of your NHS Pension and avoid tax traps and common errors.
  • Understand how to build wealth without working harder

You didn’t become a doctor for the money but…

..you might have expected after years of studying and working long hours caring for others that you could:

  • Live debt-free with no financial worries
  • Buy your dream home in your perfect location.
  • Buy things without needing to check your bank account first.
  • Pay for your children to get the very best education.
  • Work less hours with more time to enjoy life.
  • Not have to rely on Locum shifts to make ends meet.

When we started out we had those expectations too. But then doctors had:

  • Pay erosion of up to 30% over 10 years.
  • Increased student loan debts.
  • Changes to pensions including increasing retirement age.
  • Massive inflation in housing costs meaning doctors could no longer afford houses.
  • Private fees frozen.
  • Locum work drying up.

Which has left many doctors wondering if it was all worth it?

Our course…

Is available online 24/7 and can be watched anytime, anywhere on our app.

Is delivered by experienced specialist medical accountants and doctors.

Takes 12 hours and is flexible at times to suit you.

Apply now to get access to the course.

The Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course will teach you to:

♺ Automate your finances
We’ll show you our tried and tested system for automating your finances. We spend <1 hour a year managing our investments using a simple system that we’ll teach you.

💰 Manage your spending like a profitable business.
Stop living pay-day to pay-day and start running your finances like a profitable business. Using our tried and tested spreadsheet, we’ll show you how implementing the simple pay yourself first technique will give you surplus money at the end of the month so you can live the life you want and deserve.

🧮 Pay the right amount of tax
What’s your greatest expense in life? Mortgage? Holidays? No, it’s the tax you pay. We’ll help you understand the taxes you pay and show you legitimate ways to reduce your tax bill yourself, without hiring expensive accountants. You’ll understand how Self Assessment works and if you are a locum doctor or doing private work we’ll show you the most tax efficient ways to work. We’ll also help you avoid punitive tax traps that mean the unwary can be stung by high tax bills or loss of valuable benefits like tax free childcare.

📈 Invest for the future
Investing sounds scary and complicated and getting it wrong could mean you lose a lot of money. We’ll teach you the simple investing strategy the financial advice industry doesn’t want you to know about. No red braces, no need to spend hours reading the financial press. 

🅿️ Maximise your NHS pension
What’s the best investment you can make? Property? Gold? Bitcoin? No it’s your NHS Pension. It will pay you a guaranteed inflation-proof income for life for as long as you live. But the NHS Pension is complex and we’ll show you how it works, how to optimise it, how to avoid unpleasant tax bills and show you how to get the most out of this very valuable benefit.

⛨ Protect your most valuable asset
If you get sick and can’t work, could you afford to pay your bills? If not, you need to think about protecting your income with insurance. We don’t insure anything we can afford to replace, we don’t insure our phones or even our beloved bikes. But we do insure our financial future. Let us guide you through income protection v critical illness v life insurance so you can make an informed decision about what you need.

🎉 Bonus sessions
We hold regular, live ask us anything, exclusive to course members. This is your chance to ask the experts anything. You can listen to these sessions anytime via our app which is just for those on our Medics’ Money Financial Wellbeing course. Sessions may include:

    • Family finances – optimising tax position as a family

    • Private practice finances – how to run your private practice finances

    • Investing for children

Join the waiting list

The next cohort of the course opens in Autumn 2024  and if you want to join the waiting list, complete the form below and we will get back to you. Places are limited and are allocated to the waiting list first. 

Apply to course now
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