Income protection for doctors

Where is the best place to get financial advice for junior doctors?

As doctors ourselves we know how busy life can be which is why we make it as easy as possible for Junior doctors to find the right financial advice.  How can financial advice can help junior doctors improve their finances? 

Protect your future

You’ve worked hard to pass medical school and become a doctor and that is an asset you need to protect. If you get ill, who will pay your bills? How much sick pay do Junior doctors get? How can you get the right protection policy for the right price? It’s all covered here.

Get a mortgage

You may be considering buying a houseBut where to start? How much can doctors borrow? It’s all covered here. 

What qualifications should financial advisers have and how can you find a good adviser?

You’re probably familiar with the post nominals doctors have like MBBS MRCS MRCP but what about financial advisers? What do dipFA, CFP, CFA all mean? Find out here 

Learn about your finances with our ebook and podcast

No one teaches us about money at Medical School. In fact, money is often seen as a taboo subject amongst doctors. The free resources on Medics’ Money will teach you what you need to know. Our free ebook will teach you what you need to know. Join our community of 23,000 doctors and download the ebook here.  

Our podcast covers all the important topics. Listen and subscribe here 

Pay the right amount of tax

Unfortunately, doctors often pay too much tax. Here are 5 tax saving strategies for junior doctors.