Should you become a GP partner?

Todays podcast is MASSIVE and we cover all the key topics GPs should consider when joining a partnership. 

If you are considering a partnership or are a partner we have a free course to teach you everything you need and you can find the details here


If you are an established partner and have a new partner joining – tell them about our course.

In the podcast we talk about, 

What should a new GP Partner be looking for?

Should they get a copy of the practice accounts?

How will they know what they will be paid?

What will their drawings be?

What is working capital and how is it financed?

How does the property ownership aspect work?

What is parity? Do we see fixed shares of profit?

What should a new partner look out for in the first year for tax?

How will pension work as a partner?

How does the new to partnership payment work?

Do we see Non-GP partners?