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Ep 185: Are we heading into a recession? – Markets Update with Mike Harms

This week, Tommy is joined by Mike Harms, from Medical and General Independent Financial Advisors and Mortgagesfordoctors.com, to dive deep into the current economic landscape on our podcast. They unpack the intricacies of interest rates, exploring their present status and what experts foresee in the future. The conversation extends to the American economy, dissecting its correlation with interest rates and how this directly impacts investments. Understanding why investment returns might appear stagnant becomes a focal point, accompanied by insights into plausible scenarios and expectations. Bonds take the spotlight as the discussion delves into their relevance within the market, offering valuable insights for investors, mortgage holders, and those keen on understanding the economic pulse. Tune in for an episode tailored to anyone invested in the economy or seeking to comprehend its nuances.

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