Final week. You made it. I have saved the most important subject until last. One of the primary motivations for starting Medics’ Money was to provide doctors access to high quality financial advice in a transparent way and for the right price.

Where to find good advice for the right price.

Despite cuts of up to 30% in some doctors pay over the last 10 years that we discussed way back in week 1, doctors are still well paid compared to the general population. This makes us an attractive target for all kinds of advisers and salespeople. Some of these salespeople may have even given a presentation to you at medical school or “free” lunch at your hospital. Your hospital or medical school surely wouldn’t allow barely qualified salespeople to give bad advice to you, would they? Well, having sat through these presentations, I can emphatically confirm, that had I taken the products offered to me at medical school, I would now be significantly worse off. Have a look at one example of how Medics’ Money advisers saved two of our colleagues over £10,000 in fees.

How do you find good advice? How do advisers charge fees? What is the difference between independent and restricted financial advice? What qualifications do advisers have? Why is a specialist medical accountant from Medics’ Money better than your mate’s brother who does accounts for IT contractors? Unlike Dr, “accountant” is NOT a protected title. In fact, you or I could start an accountancy firm tomorrow and call yourself an accountant despite not being qualified. The accountants on Medics’ Money are fully qualified specialist medical accountants carefully selected by us. We are unashamedly selective with who we recommend, selecting only the very best.

If you don’t want to learn the answers to all these questions, but simply want to know where to find sound financial advice for doctors, the answer is simple:

use Medics’ Money.

You could trust our 5* Google reviews, or institutions like the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal Medical Benevolent fund or, that recommend Medics’ Money to their members. Or the hundreds of reviews on Medics’ Money left by GMC verified doctors.

But you’ve made it this far through your crash course in doctors’ finances, you might as well understand why Medics’ Money is the best place for doctors to find a financial adviser, accountant or mortgage that’s right for them.

Here’s some more information so you can be fully informed: 

The final thing I need to say is a massive


to all those of you who have told your colleagues about Medics’ Money and helped us to empower our doctors to make better financial decisions. To those of you that proof read and made suggestions to improve “What medical school didn’t teach us about money” thank you. To anyone who has ever emailed us to say thanks, or suggest improvements, thank you.

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