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Quality financial planning can be difficult to find. At its centre is a relationship built on trust, growth and ongoing collaboration. We provide specialist financial advice for those working in the medical profession and their families. The aim is to build an evolving strategy that helps our clients to make confident and competent financial decisions as well as focus on those things that are most important. In recent years, there have been many legislative changes in this area that have meant the nature of advice has become increasingly complex. We aim to cut through the noise and give you clarity on your financial future.

Professional bodies: CII

Services offered:

  • Estate planning
  • Investment advice
  • Life Insurance and Income protection
  • NHS Pension advice
  • Private Pension advice


Paul helped me to fully understand the intricacies of the NHS pension, the various options available to me in terms of early retirement and any impact of potential decisions on longer term financial planning. With the changing landscape in relation to NHS pension planning his advice helped me to feel much more confident that I fully understood my choices and how to optimise the benefits to suit my personal circumstances.


Practice Manager
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I have found Paul to be incredibly knowledgeable, especially in regard to understanding needed if you work in the medical sector, including he mire that is NHS Pensions. Paul is able to distil complicated information into understandable explanation, and very patient with clarification questions. I felt he had a genuine will to increase my understanding and to advise me to make sensible decisions based on my individual circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending him and the advice he can provide.


Practice Manager
Practice Manager

Made me realise that I had actually been doing the correct things to sort out my financial planning. Very helpful in explaining pension statements (as I have had other employment before the NHS). Made me feel at ease and hopeful for the future. Thank you so much Paul.



It's the first time I've ever had someone explain my pension and it make sense! I feel reassured that I now have someone who can actually interpret an NHS pension statement and advise me how best to utilise this resource in future.


GP - General Practitioner partner



GP - General Practitioner locum

Paul was very patient and explained things clearly - I have no financial acumen and he made things very easy to understand.He has an excellent grasp of medical financial issues.I would highly recommend him.


GP - General Practitioner partner

Paul was friendly and professional and made a (to me) complex subject understandable. If you have any pension questions I would highly recommend Paul, wish I'd sought his advice earlier.



clear and helpful information provided, using easy to understand language. Thanks! :)


GP - General Practitioner partner

Really overview of pensions, including McCloud and annual allowance.


GP - General Practitioner partner

Professional and friendly service. Clarified our questions regarding NHS pension and my non medic husband's pension. Also helped to sort out other aspects of our finances. Highly recommend.