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Ep 6 – Why ALL doctors need a financial plan

In this episode we give you an overview of financial planning for doctors. Why you need a plan? How to…

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Ep 5 – 10 financial tips for junior doctors

10 high impact financial tips for junior doctors (and some Jaffa Cake tax trivia).  All the 10 tips are summarised…

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Ep 4 – How to correct your tax code

On today’s episode we demystify doctors tax codes. Why might the standard tax code of 1250L be right for most…

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Ep 3 – How we made Covid-19 PPE with Rolls Royce

What did we do when we couldn’t get PPE to keep safe on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic? We…

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Ep 2 – How to claim a tax rebate and reduce your tax bill.

This episode we talk you through our step by step guide to claiming a tax rebate. Download a guide –…

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Ep -1 From accountant to doctor. Why we started Medics’ Money and how we can help you.

Act 1 Scene 1 of the Medics’ Money podcast in which Ed and Tommy discuss how their personal financial journeys…

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