Here’s some criticism and praise doctors sent us after reading “What medical school didn’t teach us about money”

If you want to read the book again the link is here

“Every doctor needs to read this”

I agree. The sooner you read it, the sooner you can make the changes that will allow you to be financially free. Please share this link with your friends and they  can download their own copy.

“I’m a well-paid doctor and I can afford to spend £3 a day on coffee”

I agree. Spending £3 a day on coffee is not going to bankrupt a doctor. BUT if you are spending £3 on coffee, I bet you also buy lunch (£7) and perhaps waste your hard earned money in other ways?  Maybe when you go to Starbucks and they ask if you want an extra shot or a biscuit with your coffee, you say yes. That’s a technique called upselling, a tried and tested way for businesses to extract more of your hard earned cash from you. So whilst I agree £3 a day isn’t going to bankrupt any doctor, it can be a red flag sign that your financial management could be better. I’m not here to judge your lifestyle choices, but I am trying to make you aware of what they cost you.

“Why aren’t doctors being taught how to manage their money”

Our mission at Medics’ Money is to empower doctors to make better financial decisions. In the book I told you why I think we struggle with managing our money. But what I didn’t mention is that since starting Medics’ Money, we have relentlessly tried to engage with large organisations representing doctors. We offer them our time and our resources for free and yet a minority of them engage with us. So if you like what we do and have influence at a national level and don’t see your organisation’s logo listed on our supported by section on our homepage, then contact us. All our content is 100% free and those organisations that do support us, we don’t charge them anything. But to be perfectly honest, we’ve grown to 14,000 doctors now, largely by word of mouth – doctors sharing with other doctors. To anyone that’s told colleagues about us, shared us on social media or written to us to help us improve – THANK YOU. Every single like, retweet or comment helps us to reach more doctors that can benefit from our free resources.

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“The downward spiral of doctors pay and conditions is so depressing” 

I’ve been a Dr for 12 years now and I still love the job. But the cold hard facts are we are being paid less, to work more and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So making our hard earned money go further is more important now than ever. Managing your finances properly will allow you to be financially free. No longer reliant working overtime to make ends meet.

“I’ve been trying to teach my colleagues about finances for years. Now I will direct them to your book”

Thanks and well done. We’ve got MANY more exciting resources coming soon. If you want us to present at your event or conference please get in touch.

“The book is too long – I can’t do all of this”

I respectfully disagree. Seriously, the book is the absolute minimum. There’s so much we edited out of the book to keep it accessible. We are running a trial – 50% of you receive the whole book and 50% of you receive a chapter a week via email. It’s called an A/B test and it’s the tech equivalent of a Randomised Controlled Trial. This will help us work out the most effective way to deliver the book longterm. But if you have any thoughts on the most accessible format, let me know.