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Magus Wealth is a Chartered firm of independent Financial Planners, CEFEX certified for 'Investment Advisor Fiduciary Excellence', placing us globally amongst an elite group, with only a handful of firms achieving this certification in the UK. Magus only offer independent advice which means our advice is unbiased and we are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. With an in depth knowledge of your profession and the NHS pension, we will guide you through the complexities of the scheme so that you are able to make informed decisions in the future. We will also carry out tapered annual allowance calculations, prepare 'scheme pays' applications and review your lifetime allowance position. By understanding your future goals and the purpose of your money, we can ensure our advice helps deliver you the life you wish to live. Using our financial forecasting software, we can look at all your finances (properties, business assets, investments, pensions, life assurance, debts) and provide a clear vision of your future. Our proven, robust and evidence-based investment strategy is highly diversified and low cost. We believe this helps deliver a much better investment outcome as well as a more positive investment experience. We create life-long relationships working collaboratively with your other professional partners, to ensure you receive the joined up advice and support you need. Working with us will give you a sense of security and peace of mind, a really clear understanding of your financial world, the confidence and freedom to achieve what’s really important to you and your family and finally, the ability to make informed decisions so that you avoid making costly mistakes along the way.

Services offered:

  • Investment advice
  • NHS Pension advice


Mark Radford is my financial adviser, working through Magus Private Wealth. I've known Mark for >20 years now and during that time, he has been hugely helpful in helping me to understand the complexities of everything from my NHS pension, investing in the stock market, obtaining a mortgage and much, much more. When you don't have the time to read through all the fine print but want a straight answer about the pros and cons of a particular financial decision, Mark will cut through the clutter. I really cannot recommend him more highly.



Mark has looked after our financial affairs for 26 years and has never let us down. He has guided us through our careers and into retirement with excellent advice and help. The personal relationship and advice is second to none. The fact we are able to discuss issues at any time during the year is a bonus. I am now able to enjoy a fulfilling retirement thanks to the plans he help organise.



We have known Mark from the time I was a junior doctor over 20 years ago.  Mark has proved himself to be a wise counsel over these many years.  He has been attentive to our attitude to risk, reliable in the advice given and efficient in enacting the changes recommended. Mark has always been flexible with his timing, offering us appointments in the evenings to suit our timetables and always comes to the meetings well prepared with our personal information, as well as always keeping up to date with the changing financial milieu relevant to the medical profession.   As well as being informed and professional, he is responsive, polite, amusing and entertaining.  He's almost managed to make financial decision making pleasurable to a couple fundamentally uninterested in such matters! He has always considered the longer term as well as the year on year financial situation we find ourselves in. We have valued his input for many years and would recommend his advice to others without reservation. 



Mark Radford has been advising me on financial matters for over twenty years. I have never found him anything other than reliable, straightforward, thorough and pleasant to work with and would happy recommend him to any one looking for financial planning advice in the medical profession.


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